Unit 26

Unit 26 was a BX Commando Droid used by the CIS to infiltrate a republic outpost on the Rishi Moon. 26 and the other commando droids were able to kill all but four clone troopers and took over the outpost, which would would mask the upcoming Separatist Invasion on the clone homeworld of Kamino. After taking over the outpost, a clone inspection team arrived on the Rishi Moon and as a result, Unit 26 put on a dead clone's armor and tried to fool the clones into leaving the base but this didn't seem to work. Unit 26 was about to spring a trap set up by the other commando droids, but the remaining clone troopers launched a droid attack flare into the night sky to try and warn the inspection team. Upon seeing the flare one of the inspection team members, Clone Captain Rex, shot unit 26 in the head, suspecting he was a commando droid.