"The odds are 4 to 1 that you are a traitor!"
- K2-B4
K2-B4 was an T-Series Tactical Droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 21 BBY.

Droid Design Edit

K2-B4 was an standard Tactical Droid that stood at 1.93 meters and was colored green and purple. K2-B4 was also one of the few droids in the Separatist Army that was given Feminine programming.

Droid History Edit


k2 captures R2-D2

She was assigned as a part of the Citadel Guard on Lola Sayu and was under the command of Osi Sobeck during the Clone Wars. She was one of the only tactical droids programed with a female personality, but rarely showed it, as she was an very aggressive battle droid. During the Battle of Lola Sayu, K2-B4 discovered the reprogramming of OOM-10 and two other battle droids and used this to cripple the Republic's rescue mission on the planet. After the battle ended, with the death of Osi, K2-B4 assumed control over the Citadel and became the leader of the Citadel Guard. Like all battle droids in the Confederacy's droid army, K2-B4 is deactivated when the Galactic Empire assumed control over the droids.