Welcome to the Droidapedia Wikia This wiki has information about the droids in the Star Wars universe. Droids on this wiki include: R2-D2, K-3PO, C-3POOOM-9, 2-1B, R5-S9IG-88, and more! I created this wiki to help people gain more knowledge on the Star Wars universe, specifically droids. Contributors are welcome!

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"Oh, thank the Maker!"


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IG-88 created multiple droids designed to look like stormtroopers to take over the Second Death Star?

K-3PO earned the rank of lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance's Army?

During the Clone Wars, the Techno Union created a droid made from cortosis, an armor that is invincible to lightsabers?

OOM-10, a Republic battle droid, was the second-in-command in R2-D2's Battle Droid Squadron?

C-3PO was briefly a Battle Droid during the Battle of Geonosis.

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