"Roger rog..."- B1-CC14's last words.

B1-CC14 was an B1-Battle Droid that served in the Droid Army for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. He was stationed aboard an Confederate Ship called Obexta III for 2 years before he shut himself down after all the droids on the ship mysteriously deactivated. When he finally reactivated, the Clone Wars had been over for 50 years when the Obexta III was attacked by a gang of pirates in the year 28 ABY. B1-CC14 then reactivated all of the ship's droids, which was manly B2 Super Battle Droids. The droids fought bravely but were eventually defeated and the Obexta III was shot down over the planet Ponemah. B1-CC14 was destroyed in the folowing explosion.